Photos from Tikehau

Last night between 1 and 3 AM, I managed to get faster Internet and uploaded two photo albums for Tikehau. Tikehau is the last Tuamotus atoll we visited before Tahiti and we really enjoyed our visit there. You can read the earlier blog posts about Tikehau here, here and here.

The first photo album shows various sights starting with: catching the big spearfish on the way to Tikehau, scenes from the Pearl Beach Resort, the explorations on the reef and beach, explorations on the beach near the village, sharks in the shallows, the little island where we did another kite shoot, pictures of the Ninamu Resort we discovered and toured, and photos from the super calm day where we moved to anchor by the pass.

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The second album shows photos from our several dives (three of them) at the Tikehau pass. Of note are photos of sharks, our stop on a rock in the pass looking at sharks underneath, lionfish, closeup of a moray eel, the incredible shots of a 3m blue marlin, and napoleon fish.

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3 Responses to Photos from Tikehau

  1. Fred Burke says:

    Great photos Frank. Have any of you ever had a moray come out at you? The one whose head was as big as your thigh could easily do some serious damage to you, right? The photos of the Marlin were great, BTW.
    Take care,

  2. nanag says:

    I loved these pictures. Karen, you looked like you were having lots of fun. I loved the lion fish, the moray eel is soo ugly. What kind of fish were the red, black, and white, they were pretty.

  3. Frank Taylor says:

    You definitely keep your distance and keep an eye on the eels. They look different when they are about to strike (close their mouth instead of leaving it open).

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