Tahiti Guests Arriving Today

View from Tahina of our anchorage looking towards Marina Taina in TahitiOn Thursday afternoon we left Huahine to make our way back to Tahiti. Our friends Gerard and Patti from North Carolina, who two weeks ago had their flight canceled due to the strike in Tahiti, are finally re-scheduled and will arrive today at last to visit us on Tahina!

We had light winds pretty much on the nose for our 90 mile trip from Huahine. We actually sailed for three hours down the coast of Huahine and then tacked a few times trying to go upwind. But, it would take us too long to beat our way against the wind – especially with less than 10 knots of wind. So, we ended up motoring the rest of the way. Here’s a map of our GPS track:

View Huahine to Tahiti in a larger map

We arrived Friday morning and spent the day cleaning the boat, and running errands. We have all day to finish cleaning the boat and buying more provisions before our guests arrive in the evening We are really looking forward to seeing them – especially after the very disappointing cancellation two weeks ago! They will also be bringing a box with stuff we’ve been buying for the past several months (DVDs, books, gadgets, boat parts, and gifts). There are many things we just can’t get in the remote islands. It is also a pain to have things shipped both in terms of costs, and hassles with customs. So, the best way to get such things is when someone flies out to you.

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