Tahiti Strike Cancels Flight!

Yesterday, as we were shopping for new provisions for our guests, we noticed a sign on a post office door that they were on strike. We didn’t think much about it at the time, but when we got back to the marina Jason and Lara had heard that the strike was also effecting the airport. Oh no! I rushed back and checked on the Internet and they were saying that the firemen at the airport were going on strike and that the airport was closing down. We checked the Air Tahiti Nui site, and they had already canceled two flights. By late last night, they had even canceled Gerard and Patti’s flight! Less than 24 hours before they were about to leave Raleigh, and this happens. Why couldn’t they wait until Patti and Gerard were already here so they could be stuck with us instead?!

We are all extremely disappointed in this development. We hope that Gerard and Patti can somehow get their flights re-aligned and still be able to make the trip. But, it will be difficult since they both have jobs and this would effect their work schedules. Gerard was born in France, and he is “accustomed” to the way they strike in France. But, I think the strikers should be forced to pay a fine to all the passengers whose lives they chose to disrupt by their actions. Then maybe they wouldn’t do something like this. There are better ways to negotiate without hurting other people.

UPDATE Well, the trip is canceled. Gerard was told there is little hope of resolving the problem before next week. They are giving them a refund on their flight costs. But, there is no refund possible to replace the disappointment we are all having over this development. Months of plans and preparations all spoiled because of a workers dispute.

Not only are we all greatly disappointed about our friends being unable to visit us, but we also now have to find alternate means to have a whole suitcase worth of stuff we’ve been buying for months in the states, plus all our mail, and gifts, shipped out to us and passed through customs. That will probably end up costing hundreds of dollars and take weeks to work out.

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4 Responses to Tahiti Strike Cancels Flight!

  1. vdb erik says:

    There are better ways to negotiate without hurting other people.
    like what?
    how can one strike without hurting anyone, it would not be strike!

  2. Fred Burke says:

    Hi Gerard, Patti and Tahina,
    The timing is almost unbelievable, I’m very sorry to hear about your misfortune. Things sometime happen for a reason and maybe this means that you will just connect later for an even better time. Best of luck to all of you.

  3. Mike says:

    The blog posting appears to place all the blame for the strike on the workers, even to the point of paying inconvenienced parties. There are always two sides to bargaining, labor and management. If it were possible to reimburse harmed parties, both sides should pay. In the US there is great anti-labor sentiment by the general public started in the 1980s. A little labor history and labor economics reading would help see both sides to strikes.

  4. Caitlin Wynn says:

    Same thing happened to my family! we’re stuck in LA! We can’t get on a flight until Saturday! Shortened our vacation for a week, and we can’t extend because of work. I feel your painnn

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