Ups and Downs in Tahiti

View from Tahina of our anchorage looking towards Marina Taina in TahitiOur experiences in Tahiti have been a seemingly unending chain of ups and downs. We have had good experiences and bad. Our emotions have had similar highs and lows. There has been periods of stress, and total relaxation. We’re going to need a vacation from Tahiti soon! 🙂
When we arrived last week, we were prepared to have to work hard to get the boat ready for our guests. It was when we were near completion that we discovered the union strike managed to close the airport and our friends had to cancel their flight. On Saturday, I was totally despondent over our friends having to cancel their flight, and spent all day just reading a book trying not to think about it. That evening, we went to a big party on the marina docks that crew from the megayachts had organized. Karen and I felt a little out of place since most of the party goers were young 20-something crew. But, there were a few boat owners, and other boaters at the party – and we enjoyed talking to them.

Over the last few days, our friends Patti and Gerard worked hard to re-align their work schedules, and they have booked a new flight two weeks later. Meanwhile, last night the jets started flying, and today I found out the airport has re-opened. So, we are now elated that our friends will be coming after all!

Jason has been pining to go surfing with his new surf board ever since he joined Tahina back in Panama. But, the conditions haven’t been right. Here in Tahiti, things look great. But, for the last few days, every time he organizes to go surfing with some people who know the waves, something happens and he doesn’t get to go. The conditions nearby are too tricky to risk going yourself without some local knowledge. So, Jason has rented a car and plans to go somewhere guaranteed to work out today.

Yesterday we decided to go into Papeete (the main city in Tahiti) to do some sightseeing. We took the bus. There was plenty to see and lots of little shops and restaurants. Before we left, both Lara and I were experiencing some uncomfortable stomach pain. But, we still ate lunch and continued our explorations. We went to the local tourism office, and ran right into the crew from “A Small Nest”. Our good friends from Belgium. We enjoyed catching up with them – their boat is parked at the city quay – and hope to meet up with them in Moorea next week.

Jason got the rental car and drove us back to the marina (where our dinghy was docked). Lara and I discovered we definitely have consumed something which doesn’t agree with our food processing system. During the night the heads (toilets) on the boat were kept busy and the boxes of Immodium AD were put to use. Ugh.

The biggest up and down during our stay here has been – once again – the Internet. We have subscriptions to two WIFI providers in the anchorage and both have been a constant state of change – up and down all over the place. I have wasted more time trying to get connected and maintain a connection than actually using the connection. This is doubly frustrating because their subscription model is to charge by the minute! We thought Tahiti would be so much better because it is such a populated island. But, its not. One particularly frustrating thing is that they seem to have a problem with their proxy servers that mess up any kind of secure HTTP traffic, or sophisticated authentication. So, most of the Google services (like Gmail, PicasaWeb, etc.), online banks, E-commerce sites (like Amazon), all work abysmally slow – or not at all. We found if we use a VPN we can get better service – but, sometimes that disconnects the service. Argh! It would take me 10 minutes to explain our process for just getting connected – and the process is completely different depending on which of the two services we use. It’s insane!

Anyway, although I got a bunch of photos uploaded when we first arrived, I have spent the last three days trying to get one album of photos to upload without success. That’s part of the reason there hasn’t been any recent posts.

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  1. Ovive says:

    Sounds like you need to go to Rarotonga, they charge by the mb. It will be the best internet until NZ if your going to NZ.

  2. nanag says:

    I miss the pictures so much. Hope you are feeling much better now. Love to you both.

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