360 Panorama from Moorea

I have been trying to get a huge backlog of 360 panoramas I’ve been taking in French Polynesia processed. I finally got one to process smoothly and, even harder, to get it to upload off the horribly slow Internet connections here. The following panorama was taken while Gerard and Patti were visiting with us in Moorea. We went ashore to the park off the Opunohu Bay anchorage. Patti is setting on the sand and under the coconut trees near where our dinghy Coconut was parked on the beach. Tahina was at anchor to the north about 200 meters away. Click on the “Play” button and move the mouse or arrow keys to turn your view in any direction (including up and down):

Park near Opunohu Bay, Moorea in Moorea

I take the 360 panoramas using a fish-eye lens and a tripod. I take about 8 photos (6 around, 1 up, and 1 down) to get a full 360 spherical view. Then I use software to process the photos and stitch them together into the spherical projection.

We are still in Tahiti in the final stages of getting things ready to move west towards Bora Bora. We have to clear out of French Polynesia by August 11. Karen will hopefully get back from the US before we leave.

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1 Response to 360 Panorama from Moorea

  1. Gerry Lord says:

    This is the coolest photography I have seen.
    My cousin Patti and Gerard must have had a wonderfull time.

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