Coconut Attempts Escape

Coconut is returned by a local boater

A couple of days ago we had just returned to Tahina from the shore to do some shopping in Coconut (our faithful 12-foot inflatable dinghy). As we were unloading, Lara accidentally dropped one of Jason’s sandals in the water as he was tying up Coconut. He quickly pulled the dinghy underneath the back of Tahina so he could reach the sandal, which had drifted under, and saved his shoe. This kind of thing happens all the time when arriving on your dinghy and we try to be very careful when unloading the dinghy.

A few minutes later, we were preparing some lunch and lounging about the boat. Suddenly, Gerard noticed that Coconut was rapidly drifting away from us in the 20 knot winds we were experiencing! The dinghy was about 100 yards away already when I ran out, and I was thinking about getting our kayak in the water when we saw a strange boat coming from shore to rescue Coconut. The boat was two sheets of plywood on top of an old 14 foot hobicat with an outboard motor on the back, and the gas tank in a large blue plastic tub (which you can see in the pictures above). The nice man driving the boat grabbed Coconut’s painter (rope for tying to things) and brought her to us. As soon as he tossed the line, Jason tossed the man a beer (for which he said “moruru” – the local word for “thank you!”). You can see him about to catch the beer in the second photo above.

Apparently, Jason was interrupted in the middle of tying the painter when he went to save his sandal, and the knot wasn’t complete. Fortunately, this time the only cost was a brief moment of terror, a beer, and Jason will get asked if he remembered to tie the dinghy for the next week or so. Just another day of adventure on Tahina!

We are still in Opunohu Bay in Moorea at the moment and having a great time. We did a fantastic tour yesterday and saw a traditional polynesian dance. We’ll have a post about that soon along with the GPS track of our tour.

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