Finally Departed Tahiti

Today we finished all the important tasks in Tahiti and finally departed. Before we left, we had to get fuel in Tahina and get one of our two propane tanks filled. We had planned to get the fuel and then go to Papeete to fill the tank. But, there was a 1.5 hour wait at the fuel dock. So, I took the dinghy the 3.5 miles to Papeete and got the propane tank filled, and returned just in time to move Tahina to the fuel dock. After we got the fuel, we took advantage of the free water to wash the outside of Tahina as well. We also managed one last run to the grocery store early in the morning.

At 1:30 PM, we left Tahiti and motored and later sailed to Moorea for one last time. We wanted to take advantage of the better Internet connection at Opunohu Bay. Tomorrow we will leave in the afternoon for an overnight sail to Bora Bora. But, hopefully I’ll get another post out in the morning with some more photos I plan to process tonight.

I also went to Papeete on Monday to pick up the part we had made to fit on the bottom of our spinnaker sock so we can more easily lower our sock over the sail when taking it down. Then I rushed back to get it to the sailmaker who managed to finish the job by the end of the day. We used a sailmaker whose sail “loft” is a trimaran sailboat right in the Marina Taina anchorage. Michel is the owner and his boat’s name is “Samba”. He did a good job with everything except he forgot to complete our eye splice for our new topping lift.

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