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Huahine Lagoon

I’ve managed to process two more panoramas over the last couple of days. The amazing lagoon shot above was taken in Huahine, a beautiful leeward island in French Polynesia. We were doing a tour of the island and they stopped at this fantastic overlook off the main road around the island. The water colors were absolutely stunning! I took a full 360 panorama of this location, but have had difficulties getting it to fully process. Since most of the view was on one side, I processed just the lagoon view side. If you click on the image above, you can view a much larger view. Also, check out the full story about the tour along with many more photos of Huahine.

Next, I’ve processed a 360 panorama we took in Tikehau (see below). We were at the anchorage close to the pass into the lagoon. The day the photo was taken we had almost no wind. The water was so smooth it was acting like a mirror. In places where there was no land on the horizon, we couldn’t tell the different between the water and the sky. Near us, you can see houses on the motus (islands). These people are fishermen who live close to the pass where they have quick access to fish outside the atoll. Beautiful place! (See more photos from Tikehau). Make sure you click on the “Play” button to load the 360 view and use the mouse or arrow keys to move your view around.

Tikehau pass anchorage on a very calm day in French Polynesia

If you look closely, you will see stitching problems with the photo above. It’s hard to get a perfect stitching when the several photos are taken from a boat. Even if the water is close to still, the boat still moves a little between the shots.

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