Capsized Anna Salvaged and Seen in Niue

s/v Anna salvaged and stored inverted on the top of the monthly supply ship to Niue
s/v Anna stored inverted on monthly supply ship to Niue

Nearly a month ago we shared the surprising story of a 57′ catamaran called “Anna” that had reportedly capsized off Niue on the way to Tonga. It was surprising because cruising catamarans almost never capsize – usually only light-weight racing cats have that happen. The crew were rescued quickly (thanks to their GPS-enabled emergency beacon and the quick response of the NZ coast guard). The skipper said they were surprised in a sudden squall with over 60 knot winds and too much sail up. It turns out the boat was a custom design and quite light-weight considering the size of the boat.

On Sunday, we noticed an upside down catamaran on the back of the monthly supply ship to Niue. I immediately guessed it might be Anna and confirmed it with our binoculars. The supply ship was over half a day late, so we guess they had discovered the still-floating Anna and salvaged it. We heard on the island that the ship asked if anyone wanted Anna on Niue. Of course, they said “no” because there’s no place to have it repaired or stored on Niue. So, we guess they’ll take it to another island or return with it to New Zealand. There was some significant structural damage to the port stern area (possibly done while lifting it onto the ship at sea).

We also heard the crew of Anna were having trouble getting insurance to pay for the loss. Apparently their policy required a crew of 3 when on blue water cruises. Not that it would have made any difference in this case.

For those of you wondering, a capsize is extremely unlikely in Tahina’s future. Anna had a narrower beam to length ratio, and actually weighed less than Tahina (even though it was 7 feet longer!). Our rigging is much more likely to give way before the boat would turn over due to the enormous force that would be required to lift us over. But, we hope we would be likely to reduce our sails or manage to bear off quickly enough to reduce the possibility in squally conditions.

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