Photos of Aitutaki

We have spent a few days exploring Aitutaki. Scooters are the common form of travel and we were able to rent them for a reasonable fee for a few days. We have traveled most of the roads and dirt roads around the island and have covered the highest peaks of the mostly low-lying area. The highest peak is only 125 m (400 ft). I took some 360 panoramas from the two main peaks which will be processed later. Off the eastern peninsula, at the end of the airport runway, there are some hotels and beaches. A small creek separates a motu/island from the peninsula on which is located the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa. They have a free ferry that takes you 100 feet across the gap. Karen and I had some drinks and briefly enjoyed the nice atmosphere of the resort, but a cold southerly wind was blowing (only 75 degrees F! Yeah, we’re wimps now.) and we left sooner than we would have otherwise.

Below are some photos of the sights to be seen from Aitutaki. Notice the beautiful multitude of blues and turquoise water colors. We also took the opportunity to take several shots of Tahina in her shallow narrow anchorage. We’ve been having a great time here, but expect to leave on Monday or Tuesday at the latest for Rarotonga 160 miles to the south. Make sure to click the full-screen link to see the photos in better detail:

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