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Bora Bora from the mountain looking NWWith the inexpensive and fast Internet here in Pago Pago (pronounced “pango pango”), combined with lots and lots of rain, I have been able to spend time processing and uploading lots of photos and even video. Look through the recent posts for several new photo albums and 360 panoramas. Below are some notes and links to new photos and videos you can find in the mix of all the the earlier posts. “Thanks” to Google for the Picasa Web Albums service for killing off Picasa Web Albums in 2016 and ruining all the links to photo albums on this blog. Otherwise you would have a convenient way to view all our albums, and see all the geotagged photos we took in a variety of useful ways.

First up, I added some photos I got from Bret and Chad, twin guys on the s/v Broken Compass. They got to climb the big mountain on Bora Bora on a beautiful day, and I asked them for their photos. Look for the last 10 photos in the Bora Bora photo album in this blog post. The views were absolutely stunning and I REALLY wish I had gone on the hike with them!

Next, I have uploaded several video clips from our diving at Fakarava. You can see them all at the end of this post about Fakarava Diving photo album. Check out this Youtube of the Fakarava sharks to get a taste of what its like to dive with a LOT of sharks:

When we were in Tahiti waiting for Karen to return, I needed to go up the mast one day to fix our anchor light problem. It was a beautiful day, so I took some pictures while up there. Later, we went for a snorkel up by the airport where there is a sunken plane wreck and some other boats. Also got some pictures of another clown fish (nemo). I especially like the photo of me sitting on the top of the plane wreck. Check them out here:

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While we were in Bora Bora, Jason, Lara and I went on a dive outside the reef. There are lots of sharks in the area. We saw some huge lemon shark, and tons of black-tips. Also saw a moray eel, a ton of queen trigger fish, and more sharks.

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There have been many other photos added at random throughout the photo albums. So, if you like photos, just browse the collection. NOTE: Google killed off Picasa Web Albums in 2016 without a suitable replacement ruining millions of web sites with embeded photo albums and wasting countless hours of publisher’s time. I’ve also transferred hundreds of photos to Panoramio and they have already appeared in the layers for Google Earth and Google Maps (along with millions of other photos by other people). But, we’ve done our part to add some new and unique sights to the photo “cloud”. NOTE: Google killed off Panoramio in November 2016.

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