Sights of American Samoa and a Map

Pago Pago on a rare sunny momentWe spent two weeks in American Samoa. We have very few pictures considering the beauty of the island and the length of our stay. This is largely due to the many days of rain we experienced. We wish the weather had been better. Even so, we did manage enough photos to give you a taste of the island (and the rain). Along the way, I have taken note of some of the places we have visited and created a map other sailing cruisers may find useful.

So, below is a slideshow of the sights in American Samoa we captured. Make sure to check out the cool photos of the large fruit bats we saw in the mountains, birds, signs of tsunami damage in the villages along the coast, pictures of the rain we experienced in the anchorage, the rainbow shot, and more!

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Below is our map with placemarks of the useful locations and places of note, and tracks showing the roads we took on our car tour (you can also view the map in Google Earth – I suggest using the Historical Imagery option in Google Earth to view the 2009 imagery for a better view of the island). The McDonald’s has become the defacto Pago Pago yacht club (hangout) due to A/C, a good WIFI hotspot, food, and convenience. That, and the fact the old yacht club was closed down after the tsunami last year.

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  1. Tony Christian says:

    Just enjoying some of your older posts. Did you go to see the play “Rain” whilst in Pago Pago? I loved it especially as the cast were the waiters & waitresses between scenes & courses.

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