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Pago Pago on a rare sunny momentThis is a rare photo of the Pago Pago anchorage during a sunny moment (I think it was raining an hour later). I had no idea it rained so much in Pago Pago! We read they get 125 inches of rain per year at the airport (and up to 200 in some places). I’ve had to empty out several inches of water almost every day from the dinghy – and, no, there isn’t a leak! Our tours of the island have been abbreviated by the weather. Thank goodness they have such good Internet here!

Photos and Videos
You may have noticed a wave of more photo content on the blog during the past week. There’s more coming. I have even uploaded a few video clips to our Fakara Diving album (see the last six items in the album). The videos include scenes of the remarkable variety of fish and live coral, lots of grouper, a huge school of shark (over 100 of them), and the sixth video shows us zooming along at 5 knots out the end of the pass over shallow coral and fish schools! Definitely worth checking out.

Panoramio Guest Blog Post
Panoramio logoThe fantastic Google photo mapping site Panoramio asked me to do a guest blog post about the Tahina Expedition (see the post here which just came out today). I have been gradually uploading a sample of our geotagged photos from the Tahina Picasa Web Albums over to our Panoramio account. By adding them there, you can find some of our photos when perusing Google Maps (the “Photos” layer) or in Google Earth (the “Panoramio” layer). They wanted to tell more people about our vast growing archive of photos from our trip.


Our dinghy full of food

We rented a car on Wednesday and we made a big provisioning run to a Sam’s Warehouse-like place called “Cost-U-Less“, which is near the airport. The store is great – full of American products – especially food – that we hadn’t seen since we left North Carolina last November. We stocked up on a full-dinghy’s worth of food (and our dinghy is 12 feet in length!). Early this week we had some mail sent to us from the US which, according to tracking, arrived at the post office today. And, yesterday we did a car tour of the island. Unfortunately, most of the pictures will be kind of gloomy because it rained off and on all day. But, American Samoa is a really beautiful place! We have also been spending a lot of our time working on our finances so we can complete some of our late-filings for taxes. How fun….not!

Tisa's Bar and Grill singing and dancingTo compensate for all the work, we went out with a bunch of cruisers on Wednesday night to a local bar called Tisa’s Barefoot Bar and Grill. There we had a traditional Samoan meal baked in a ground pit, served on elephant leaves, and eaten with no utensils except our hands. There was a large selection of meats, including: pork, turkey, lamb, octopus, and several fish. Also in the grilled mixture was taro, breadfruit, and more. Quite a feast. We finished with the owner Tisa treating us to some local songs with dancing and singing by her oldest granddaughter and two other young kids.

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