Back in Town and Plans in Tonga

We came back to the town of Nieafu in Vava’u to take care of a few tasks before going back out for some more cruising. We needed to extend our visas for another month here in Tonga since we won’t be leaving until the end of October or early November. Also, we have a friend named Paul in New Zealand who will be flying in to help us with the passage from Tonga to New Zealand. I needed to get some paperwork started so he can join us for crew. We also needed to get some scuba tanks filled, laundry done, fresh fruits/veggies, get a part fixed, and various other errands.

While here, we wanted to arrange to do a land tour of the island. They have some souped up go-karts, capable of carrying two people. We signed up, and Mark and Dana from Northfork signed up as well. I’ll write more about the tour later and share some photos in another post.

Our plan is to clear out of Vava’u on Friday and leave on the weekend for the Ha’apai group of islands in Tonga. Vava’u is the northern group, and Ha’apai is the middle-group of islands. To the south is the main island of Tongatapu which includes the capital city of Nuku’alofa – where the King lives. We plan to spend the final two weeks or so in Ha’apai and leave straight for New Zealand from there. Paul will be flying in to Ha’apai during the last week of October and will hopefully spend about a week cruising with us before we leave Tonga. We have to be careful to choose the right weather for New Zealand. It is almost 1100 nautical miles to New Zealand from Ha’apai. And the weather can be nasty sometimes in between. It could take us 6-7 days to make the passage – although, if the winds are strong we can do it in less than six. More about the passage later.

We’ll be off to do more cruising the next couple of days until we come back to Nieafu to clear out for Ha’apai. We should have some more photos to post by then, but we won’t have any posts probably until then due to lack of Internet.

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