Birthday Dinner at Mango

Karen the birthday girlIt was Karen’s Birthday the other night. She got special treatment all day: slept late, got to go to town for lunch, did some shopping, a new t-shirt, a new pair of sunglasses, frozen drinks at the local hangout, and we had dinner with friends at a sunset restaurant called Mango. Karen had the special mango drink (made out of mangoes of course!).

As mentioned in a previous post, our friends on s/v North Fork are now here in Tonga. They joined us for the birthday dinner at Mango. They have been catching up on some boat maintenance and starting to explore the town of Neiafu here in Tonga. They’ll probably join us for some sightseeing at the anchorages soon.

During dinner, they had three locals playing traditional Tongan music. After the dinner, we got another treat because the entire staff of the restaurant put on a dance show as well. It was a lot of fun!

Birthday photos in Tonga

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