Going from North to South Ha’apai

We spent a lot of our time in beautiful Ha’apai during the last week in the northern parts. Most of the time was spent at Foa, Nukunoma, and Haano. When we went on our dive with Happy Ha’apai Diving we went first to a sea mount called Lafa Lafa (which means sea sick), and the to a cave off northern Haano called “Green Cave”. We saw a few days of clear skies, with cloudy rain and scattered showers in between. The last several days have been quite windy and the winds are supposed to continue for several days. We have been in the main port of Lifuku outside the town of Pangai.

We have had many special moments so far in Ha’apai with beautiful sunsets, awesome clear views of the beautiful turquoise and blue waters of the area, diving and snorkeling on pristine coral gardens with colorful fish, walking on beautiful sandy and rocky beaches, hanging out and meeting locals (both ex-pats and Tongans), and a few hours here and there at the cafe in Pangai which has Internet where we often meet other boaters doing the same.

I’m uploading a sample of the more-representative photos of the area. Due to slow Internet, I’ve had to be selective. You will still get an idea of how special this place is:

View full-sized with descriptions

Today we are going to clear out of Ha’apai, but we will spend a few more days visiting the southern islands. We are going to be watching and waiting for a good weather window to leave Tonga for the week-long, 1200 nautical mile, passage to New Zealand. While we are waiting, we are going to treasure every moment trying to snorkel and explore the southern islands all we can. After we leave for New Zealand, we will be in much cooler and less-tropical climates. It will be 6 months or more before we get back into the tropical parts of the south Pacific when we return next season.

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