360 Panorama of Manihi Pass

One reason some of the older 360 panoramas taken during our expedition were not done sooner were anomalies that would appear in the stitching process. With the improvements in recent beta versions of PTGui, the processing is producing much better results.

The following panorama was taken from the village of Manihi (a Tuomotus atoll in French Polynesia) at the main pass into the lagoon. You can see a cargo or fishing vessel at the dock, some of the houses in the village, and the beauty of the pass leading from the sea to the lagoon. The pass is quite beautiful and the water is crystal clear with lots of fish and sometimes shark. The photo was taken just a short while after we had taken kite aerial photos of the Manihi village (which are now in Google Earth). Manihi was my favorite island in French Polynesia – see lots of photos of Manihi.

Manihi Pass in French Polynesia

If you are interested in reading more about how the 360 panoramas are taken, read the bottom of this post.

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