Arriving to New Zealand

Just a quick update that we are just a few miles offshore with New Zealand in sight. We will probably be busy getting Tahina situated during the day, so I thought I would E-mail in this blog post to let everyone know we have arrived safely.

We will need to get some more retaining brackets made for our furling unit. We lost two brackets during the last day of our trip. We need to see if we can find some stronger ones to replace them.

Other than that, the trip went quite well. We made mostly 200 mile days during the trip. Just a little over 6 days of sailing (not counting the day we stopped at Raoul) – nearly 1200 miles covered. We had more wind and more close-reaching than we wanted, but that’s the kind of thing that happens on the trip down to New Zealand. Now, if only it were warmer! Brrrrrrrr…. It’s way below the 80 degree F we’re used to! I think it’s about 60 right now! And, my sweaters smell from being stored away for a year…

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