Bloody Mary’s 360 Panorama

In honor of the news that Google has now incorporated 360 panoramas as part of the Photos layer in Google Earth, I’ve finally processed a long-overdue 360 photo. Back in August, Karen and I had left to do a bike tour of Bora Bora. We had arranged to meet our crew, Jason and Lara, at the famous Bloody Mary’s restaurant. When we arrived, we were pleased to find that several other boat crews had also decided to have an afternoon lunch there.

While on the bike tour, I had brought my camera gear to take 360s like this one. So, upon arriving at Bloody Mary’s, I decided to do a 360 of our lunch party. Here is the resulting photo:

Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora in Bora Bora

In the photos are crews from the following boats: Tahina, Broken Compass, Liquid Courage, African Innovations, and Sueno Azul. Bloody Mary’s is open for lunch, but much less crowded during that time of day. It’s a good time to go since it is very crowded at night, and the service is great when there are so few people!

This photo was particularly challenging to process. The inside of the restaurant was lit mostly by skylights and light from the doorways. This made it difficult to get a proper exposure. I used software to create pseudo-HDR images out of each of the panorama photos, then performed a tone mapping to bring out the dark portions and tone down the bright portions of the photos. Read more about how I process these photos in the link at the bottom of this post.

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  1. Jenn Smith says:

    Brings back a great memory! Thanks for sharing. It’s still so nice to track your progress on this blog. Cheers!

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