Departed for New Zealand

We spent a good night off Pangaimotu near Tongatapu. In the evening, we went ashore to “Mama’s”, the local restaurant/bar/hotel/etc. They provide a variety of services to help cruisers including a ferry to the main town. But, one of the best services is a fairly decent, and FREE, WIFI service! We were able to check the weather, E-mail, and – as you saw in the last two posts – get some photos uploaded. We also found a weather window to leave for New Zealand.

We still anticipate an area of light winds for a day or so. There is also a squall system coming through on Saturday afternoon we will have to keep a close eye on. We may have to adjust our course to avoid it, but it should move through quickly. After that, there should be good ESE winds for the rest of our trip. If all goes well, we should arrive in New Zealand on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The first few hours out were kind of bouncy. We went through the eastern passage out of Pangaimotu, and the tide was coming out. This made for a bouncy ride. Then, we had 20+ knots of wind once we started sailing, and the seas were pretty choppy. But, Tahina is eating the miles away as usual.

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