GPS Tracks of our Vava’u Tonga Trips

Finally having some time to catch up on data processing. I’ve processed all our GPS tracks of trips we made during our month-long stay in the Vava’u islands of Tonga from mid-September through mid-October. To make them stand out, I randomly selected different colors for each track. Most of the tracks are Tahina’s movements, but there are also tracks of hikes, dinghy rides, and even kayak trips. I varied the thickness of the tracks to help differentiate some.

You can view the tracks best in Google Earth. Below is a screenshot to show you what it’s like. You can also view a Google Maps version, but there are too many tracks to fit in Google Maps at once.

GPS tracks of our trips in Vava'u Tonga
Here are links to lots of blog posts that describe some of the various trips you find in the tracks. Definitely worth a read, and seeing lots of photos, if you want to understand what happened in these wonderful places we visited.

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