More Fun at Opua

We spent another day at Opua with the cruiser rally activities. On Thursday we went on a bus tour which included several shopping and sightseeing stops. Along the way, we went to a chocolate factory, wood sculpture shop, the oldest stone building in New Zealand, and a wine tasting trip. The wine tasting was at a very creative winery called Fat Pig Winery. They do have a pig, but it wasn’t all that fat (maybe he went on a diet?). The wine tasting was fun, and – since this was cruisers – they sold quite a few bottles. It was great seeing friends of a number of boats we know like: A Capella, Anthem, Inspiration Lady, Jerano, Jester, Leu Cat, Ile des Grace, Kamaya, Stray Kitty and many others.

We also went to a seminar, and attended a BBQ/potluck. After the BBQ, there was a talent show – mostly given by the dozen or so boat kids in attendance. I especially liked the boy who could tie bowlines behind his back and every which way.

Before the BBQ, Dana and I made a trip to the grocery store to buy some food and beer. But, a funny thing happened. As we were in line for the checkout, the manager came up and asked us for an ID to buy the beer. Dana is in her 20s, but certainly doesn’t look 18 (the drinking age here in NZ). And, I definitely don’t look 18! The manager asked for either a passport or NZ Driver’s License. We didn’t have either with us – but, I offered my US driver’s license. Nope, she wouldn’t take it. She said, we can’t let you buy it – and took the beer away! We couldn’t believe it! Then, an 18 year-old boy came through after us buying some beer. He came over and offered to buy US some beer! Hilarious! But, we told him no – because he probably would have been violating another law.

After the BBQ, we had a lot of fun playing Bananagrams and having rum drinks until the wee hours of the night. The next morning I definitely did not get up at the crack of dawn as usual though. After a late breakfast, we got our stuff together and Dana drove us back to Whangarei. We stopped at a nice cafe in Kawakawa and saw the old-time train go by while we were eating a late lunch. It was great visiting our friends on Northfork, and we hope to see them again soon.

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