New 360 Panoramas from Vava’u Tonga

Frank taking 360 panorama on edge of cliff in TongaYou may have noticed the lack of 360 panoramas for Vava’u. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some taken. During our kart tour of the main island, called Utu Vava’u, we took two panoramas. One on a scenic stop at the northern point of the island up on a raised lookout near some cliffs with some beaches visible along the coastline. The other taken on the rugged windward eastern coastline and literally hanging on the edge of a rock cliff. After some prompting from our friends Mark and Dana on s/v Northfork, I finally remembered to go back and process these two panoramas.

Below is the first panorama. It’s a very scenic spot and they have even fixed it up with some picnic tables. If you turn directly away from the ocean, you can see our two 2-person karts and the tour guide on his ATV. Read more about our kart tour here (which includes a photo album from the trip).

Northern Scenic Coastline View from Utu Vava’u in Polynesia

The next stop is even more scenic. I had my tripod literally on the edge of the cliff, which you can see in the photo up at the top of the post. It was tricky getting the pictures facing away from the cliff because I couldn’t stand on the far side of the camera without falling off! You really MUST look down on this photo so you can see the rugged rocks and water down below. If you zoom in, you really get a sense of being on the edge of a cliff. Make sure to go to full-screen mode and use the “open map” link/tab on the left edge to get a sense of your position and where you are looking (I love this feature of the viewer).

Rugged Cliff View East Utu Vava’u in Tonga in Polynesia

Thanks to improvements to PTGui Pro‘s beta version, the panoramas are turning out much better (fewer anomalies in the stitching, and the ability to remove my feet from the pictures)! I highly recommend this application for making 360 panoramas! Also, I want to thank Mark of s/v Northfork for helping manage the tripod (see, I told you I would remember!).

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