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First Year on Tahina Completed

We left a year ago this past weekend for our 5-year trip on Tahina – the start of the trip was from North Carolina to sail to the Caribbean. Now, after 13,000 nautical miles, 19 countries, 1 crossing of the … Continue reading

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Great Sadness Over Coral Death

One of the big reasons we have been anxious to make our circumnavigation has been to see the wonders of tropical islands before pollution and climate change destroy these delicate environments. We have personally witnessed the devastation of coral reefs … Continue reading

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Entering New Zealand and Passage Photos

We arrived on November 10th to Whangarei, New Zealand. We had a beautiful sunny day for our arrival and Paul (who had sailed here before) said it was the prettiest he had ever seen the area. When entering a new … Continue reading

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Arriving to New Zealand

Just a quick update that we are just a few miles offshore with New Zealand in sight. We will probably be busy getting Tahina situated during the day, so I thought I would E-mail in this blog post to let … Continue reading

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Bumpy Passage

The Tonga to New Zealand passage is earning its reputation. The weather has not done what it said it would do. Instead of easterly winds once we got past the half-way point, we have been inundated mostly with southerly winds. … Continue reading

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Whales Everywhere!

We had an interesting night “sheltered” at Raoul island. We were anchored on the NE side of the island expecting mostly south winds from the storm that was going to pass during the night. Sure enough, the winds were mostly … Continue reading

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Do you have any pizza on board?

The storm we have been trying to stay ahead of was going to meet us near the Kermadec island called Raoul. This island is the largest of several small islands half-way between Tonga and New Zealand, and is part of … Continue reading

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Tahina Moving Along

We completed our second day to New Zealand. First day was 202 nautical miles, and the second day was 201! The seas were much smoother on the second day and we were pleasantly surprised to have enough wind to maintain … Continue reading

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Departed for New Zealand

We spent a good night off Pangaimotu near Tongatapu. In the evening, we went ashore to “Mama’s”, the local restaurant/bar/hotel/etc. They provide a variety of services to help cruisers including a ferry to the main town. But, one of the … Continue reading

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Southern Ha’apai 360 Panoramas

I’m very pleased to be able to share two new 360 panoramas from the southern islands of Ha’apai in Tonga. These are special photos that let you view in all directions (including straight up and down, and all around). It’s … Continue reading

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