Regatta Vava’u 2010 Race Photos

Regatta Vava'u 2010 signSince we’re in New Zealand, I’ve been gradually uploading more photos. The following album includes more photos from the two sailboat races during Regatta Vava’u 2010 (see Tahina Takes 1st Place, and Tahina Takes 2nd Place). Since we had crew on board both races, Karen took the camera and took HUNDREDS of photos of the race from Tahina’s perspective.

After the races, I spent time with Picasa tagging all the photos according to which boats appear in each photo. I had to do many zooms and enhancements and multiple photos to see the names on the boats. Ultimately, this enabled me to do a search and export all photos of a given boat name and give them to the respective boat owner. So, as I meet those boats I can get them to them.

Here is a select set of photos from both races for you to view anyway:

View full-sized with descriptions

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