Southern Ha’apai 360 Panoramas

I’m very pleased to be able to share two new 360 panoramas from the southern islands of Ha’apai in Tonga. These are special photos that let you view in all directions (including straight up and down, and all around). It’s the next best thing to being there! The first 360 shows the beautiful islands of Ava Mata and Uonukuhihifo as seen from the northermost point of Ava Mata. You can see a sandbar between the two islands that is only dry during low tide. You can also see lots of coconuts all over the beach, two wind-swept coconut trees nearby, and tidal pools on the rocky side of the beach. We were blasted by sand carried by 20-25 knot winds while waiting for the sun to come out when we took the photos.

Ava Mata in the Ha’apai islands of Tonga in Polynesia

Next we have a fantastic 360 view from a cliff overlooking the northernmost point of Kelefesia. You can see a fisherman camp just to the east below the cliff, the beautiful island to the south, the fantastic reefs all around, and the anchorage to the west with several boats tightly packed into the cove. Tahina is the closest catamaran to the island. Amazingly beautiful isn’t it? It’s my favorite 360 so far.

Kelefesia cliff in Polynesia
If you are interested in learning more about the 360 panoramas we are taking on the Tahina Expedition – read the bottom part of this post.

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