Tahina Moving Along

We completed our second day to New Zealand. First day was 202 nautical miles, and the second day was 201! The seas were much smoother on the second day and we were pleasantly surprised to have enough wind to maintain our 8+ knot speeds. We only had about 12 knots of wind for the last several hours, but it was at just the right angle to keep us going.

Late tomorrow we hope to keep our speed up fast enough to get ahead of a storm system that is moving east at a rapid pace. We have been heading for the island of Raoul – which lies at the half-way point to New Zealand. We will most likely have to motor for several hours to keep up our speed due to a shift in the winds. But, as the storm gets closer we should get to sail again to help.

Once we negotiate the storm, the forecasts are showing a south wind. We will be forced to head mostly west for at least 24-36 hours, but the winds will eventually shift enough to the east to allow us to head south for New Zealand. That’s the current plan anyway!

All is well on board. Paul had some difficulty when we had rough seas if he stayed inside the main cabin. But, in the cockpit he was fine. Karen is a real trooper, as usual, and has been cooking up treats as we try to eat all the food New Zealand won’t allow us to bring into their country. The second day was really great with all the sunshine and smoother seas. But, the temperature is dropping! We’re wearing long pants, coats, socks, and shoes at night!

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  1. SV Northfork says:

    Sounds like a great crossing so far. Keep your camera handy if the NZ customs plane buzzes you as you get close. Hope you’re bringing some warm weather with you.

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