Trip to US Moved Up

Tahina Expedition LogoDue to health issues with Karen’s parents, we’ve moved up our trip to the US. We’re leaving this weekend, and will most likely go ahead and stay through the holidays. The good news is that we will get opportunities to do more in the US. But, we wish it was for better reasons.

For the last few days we’ve been doing preparations for leaving Tahina. Yesterday we moved Tahina to her berth which is between two piles. We’re using a row boat from the marina to get to and from shore now. There are tons of little details for making sure the boat will stay on its own. The big one: we are shutting down the fridge before we leave – the solar panels can keep up with just the freezer and keeping batteries charged. We have friends and the marina keeping an eye on the boat for us. On Friday we are taking a bus to Auckland and will be meeting with both Paul and Jason (former crew of Tahina) for lunch and maybe a bit of touring.

Since we won’t be doing the touring around New Zealand for the next month – as originally planned, the posts on the Tahina Expedition may get fewer and farther between during the holidays. I have plenty of stories and more photos and videos to process. So, there will still be occasional posts along the way. So, keep your web reader (RSS feed) tuned in!

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