A Nice Warm Winter Thought

It has been REALLY COLD since we got back to the states. I’ve been in North Carolina, and it even SNOWED this weekend. After a year sailing in the tropics, my poor body isn’t used to this! For some reason, none of my friends have been very sympathetic either!

This weekend I spent a little time reviewing photos from our trip to help warm me up. There were a few that helped me feel much better. Below is a panorama (not a full 360) that was taken in June of this year. This was taken at Huahine in French Polynesia. They have a fantastic view of part of their lagoon off the road on the southeast of the island. We stopped to take some pictures during our tour of Huahine (NOTE: map at the end of the tour story). I took a full 360 panorama, but this was the most important part. Click on the thumbnail for a bigger version, or click here for the full 4000-pixel wide version.

Huahine Lagoon

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