Missing Tahina Already

Picture of our sailing catamaran TahinaI was thrilled to be coming home to see family and friends here in the US. It’s been a blast so far, and I still have many friends and family yet to see. But, already (after just two weeks) I find myself wondering how Tahina is doing. When you are cruising around the world, the boat you are living in is so much more than just a house or car. It’s your shelter from a storm, your transportation to beautiful places, it houses your food, it keeps you cool from the hot sun, it’s a thrilling sail on beautiful waters, it rides over the huge waves of the ocean, it’s your protector, your friend, your pride and joy.

Boats require a lot of attention. Even if a boat is perfectly designed it is constantly battered by the elements around it. The ocean environment is very challenging to any machine – the assault of salt brings corrosion to everything. The assault of humidity threatens the insides with mold and mildew. The bashing of the waves and huge forces of the wind are a challenge for any sized vessel on the water.

As a result, boat owners have to constantly take care of their vessels. They contain complex systems which need regular maintenance anyway, but especially because of the environmental challenges. You spend a lot of time with maintenance and repair, cleaning, and polishing. You either learn to love elements of this work, or at least tolerate it because it provides you with the opportunity to experience the boating life.

One thing that does happen, is when you leave your boat, you can’t stop wondering how she’s doing. I imagine the marina owners are used to boat owners contacting them to ask how their boat is doing when they leave for a while. I hope so.

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