More Photos from Aitutaki

Aitutaki is one of the most interesting and beautiful islands in the Cook Islands (see map). We had a fantastic time visiting there (read about it here and here) and also experienced a bit of an adventure one night when a squall hit causing us to drag anchor and briefly encounter a reef.

The island is the closest island we’ve seen to becoming an atoll. The main island is not very tall, and is surrounded by a shallow lagoon surrounded by reefs. Getting into the lagoon required going through a VERY shallow and narrow passage cut into the reef to a small port created by the islanders there. We chose to anchor in a narrow passage just outside the port – which was a beautiful spot, but did make us vulnerable to the passing squall that hit us.

I have updated our photo album for Aitutaki with a number of new photos. I’ve started adding a few photos from Jason and Lara’s collection to our albums. Lara took some nice shots from our boom during our trip through the narrow pass. And, there’s some other nice photos they took during the visit. I also have added some photos of our visit down to the southern tip of the lagoon where some beautiful white-sand island are located. They are called the “Honeymoon Islands” and some tourists visit just so they can get married on one of the little sandy islands. Many other tourists come for the best kite surfing spot we’ve seen yet! Check out the complete album here:

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We had to be very careful riding our dinghy down to the southern islands because of the very shallow lagoon waters. There were many reefs and rocks that could have done serious damage to our prop.

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2 Responses to More Photos from Aitutaki

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Frank, love the posts and info about Google Earth. I did have a question about Aitutaki. I see you chose to anchor near the harbor. Is this because the rest of the lagoon is too shallow to get to with your cat or was this just for convenience sake? I’m interested as it would be great to get a cat into some of the rest of the lagoon to have a closer basecamp for kiteboarding. Thanks Frank! Brian

    • Frank Taylor says:

      As far as I know, there is no published route to the lagoon. The lagoon is filled with coral heads near the surface everywhere. We were concerned about taking the dinghy into the lagoon. I can understand the desire to go kiteboarding, that was probably the best spot we saw in the Pacific! But, there’s not much in the way of facilities – a pit for a john, and someone on occasion brings some drinks and food on a boat to sell.

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