Still Visiting USA

As we approach the end of the year, Karen and I are still in the USA visiting family and friends. We will be in Houston, Texas until we leave in about two weeks to return to New Zealand. Tahina is still in the marina in Whangarei. We have had reports from the marina, and other boating friends at the marina, that Tahina is doing fine in the summer weather there.

We will have some extra suitcases on the way back loaded with goodies we either purchased or were gifted with during our stay in America. We have some new clothes, new cameras and gear, boat parts, and other accessories. It’s a shame the airlines charge so much for baggage these days. It’s getting so it’s almost worth the hassle to have things shipped to foreign countries and go through customs and delivery hassles on the other end. Almost. We have two more weeks to buy stuff to carry back. What to choose?

Our kids head back home in a few days. This is probably the hardest part of heading back to New Zealand and our wonderful travels ahead. Leaving our family and friends behind. It’s been great getting to visit with them all during the holidays. We will have to make sure and budget for more trips home as we continue our journey.

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