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Bought a Car and Open Invitation

On Friday we went to go shopping for a car or camper van to make our travels around the country. We figured starting in Christchurch would be a less costly place to make the purchase. Turns out we had a … Continue reading

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Kite Photos of Tikehau Motu Now in Google Earth

Back in June of last year, we visited the more isolated atoll in the Tuamotus called Tikehau. This atoll is the westernmost of the main Tuamotus and is just west of the largest called Rangiroa (where we first dove with … Continue reading

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First Sightseeing in Christchurch

Yesterday our friends Mark and Dana from s/v Northfork returned from their hiking trip. They braved being exposed to our colds and came over with their car to take us to downtown Christchurch for lunch. Going into town there were … Continue reading

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Now in Christchurch

We had smooth travels yesterday leaving from Whangarei, riding a bus to Auckland, catching a flight to Christchurch, and arriving at a hotel. There were no delays, and no long layovers between segments. We took a super shuttle instead of … Continue reading

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Embarking on New Zealand Travels

Today we’re finally going to begin our travels of New Zealand. We will take a bus to Auckland again, and catch a flight to Christchurch – on the South Island. Our first order of business will be to acquire a … Continue reading

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The Boating Life: Is it right for you?

What’s it like to buy a boat, sell your house, sell your cars, move onto the boat, and sail into unknown waters? What’s it like to leave your friends and family behind and sail to foreign countries? What’s it like … Continue reading

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Preparing for Land Travel

We returned to New Zealand and Tahina a week ago. Since then, we’ve spent most of our time working on Tahina projects so we can leave to explore New Zealand on land. It’s taken a bit longer than I expected … Continue reading

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GPS Track of Cross Island Hike in Rarotonga

One of the highlights of our visit to Rarotonga was a hike from the north to the south side across some quite rugged mountain terrain on muddy trails and through dense jungle-like vegetation. The highlight of this hike was reaching … Continue reading

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New Tahina Expedition Web Server

The Tahina Expedition web site and blog has been moved to new server software. If you’ve been using a RSS reader, you may see a flood of repeated posts – that’s because we switched over to the new server (also, … Continue reading

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A Nice Beach in Tonga (video)

I’ve set this up to automatically loop so you can sit there with me on the beach with the sound of winds and waves as long as you like! Peaceful isn’t it? This video was taken when we visited the … Continue reading

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