Embarking on New Zealand Travels

Today we’re finally going to begin our travels of New Zealand. We will take a bus to Auckland again, and catch a flight to Christchurch – on the South Island. Our first order of business will be to acquire a vehicle – either a small SUV or rent a camper van. This will be our means of getting around the South Island and provide some means of camping along the way so we don’t have to spend all our travel budget on hotels.

Our friends from s/v Northfork – Mark and Dana – have an apartment in Christchurch. They’ve invited us to make some use of the apartment when its available as a base of operations. We hope to do some traveling with them as well. Mark has promised he and I can go do a backpacking trip together.

Karen’s “headache” last week turned into a full-fledged cold that took her out of commission for the last several days. It turned into a chest cold as well. Had to get her some medicine at the local pharmacy to help with the symptoms. Fortunately, she seems to be starting to recover just in time for our flight today.

Have some great news for the next post. One of my kite aerial photo shootings has just gone live in Google Earth. Have a look at the Tuamotus atoll of Tikehau and see if you can find the very small island I photographed there. You can also find a special little surprise I left on the beach.

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3 Responses to Embarking on New Zealand Travels

  1. Sue says:

    Please give Norm and Coleen a hug from me when you see them 🙂

    Sue, aka BeadieJay

  2. Barbara says:

    HI, found your surprise 🙂
    great to have something like this and everybody in the world can see it !!
    great days in NZ
    Barbara (from Vienna, Austria)

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