A Nice Beach in Tonga (video)

I’ve set this up to automatically loop so you can sit there with me on the beach with the sound of winds and waves as long as you like! Peaceful isn’t it?

This video was taken when we visited the Blue Lagoon in Vava’u, Tonga in October 2010. We were on an uninhabited island just enjoying the beautiful scenery and I sat on this beach for a while. Suddenly I decided I should keep the memory and took some video clips.

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2 Responses to A Nice Beach in Tonga (video)

  1. Craig says:

    More than anything else on your trip, this makes be want to travel the world by boat.

  2. John Geering says:

    From the Blue Lagoon beach one is looking across the Blue Lagoon to Hunga Island, with the 525 acre Hunga Lagoon – we have an Expat community developing there with “savvy” No. Americans who are acquiring ocean-view lots for the low cost of US$4,950. each ! This is a perfect location to build a ‘bach’, cottage or larger home and use as an island focal point to cruise the South Pacific from and moor one’s boat in the protected Hunga Lagoon as just one of the benefits of joining is in ‘Cocomo Village. Q

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