Preparing for Land Travel

We returned to New Zealand and Tahina a week ago. Since then, we’ve spent most of our time working on Tahina projects so we can leave to explore New Zealand on land. It’s taken a bit longer than I expected because Karen was not feeling well most of the week – mostly due to a cold. Here’s just a few of the projects for the week:

  • Install electric winch control box – one of our two electric winches has been inoperable for the last 3-4 months. We ordered the new part to be delivered int he US and brought it back with us. It was a pain to install because it was a new design. But, after 3 hours it is now working!
  • Watermaker – the salinity probe failed while we were in the states. Have ordered a new one and disabled the control board test so the automated fresh water flush still works.
  • Wash the boat – we took Tahina to the marina docks and gave her a good wash down. Always a big job – made harder because I did most of it myself. Oh, and while I was cleaning, I managed to break the RF feed line for the SSB antenna wire. So, now I have to replace that.
  • Repair fridge – we had a fridge repairman come down and he found the leak (a nut on the coolant line had become loose – probably due to expansion when we shut it off). He had it tightened, sealed, and recharged in an hour.
  • Send spinnaker to sailmaker – we’re finally getting the spinnaker sail repaired.
  • Install furling line brackets – we had new brackets manufactured after the old ones sheared off. These brackets hold the furling unit in place so it doesn’t twist. We came up with a new design that reduces the bend so there isn’t a shearing point. Should be much stronger.
  • Vent filters – replaced the air filters for the head system. A much-needed task. Glad we got the filters while we were in the US.
  • Cleaning – Re-packed and cleaned some lockers including our big cleaning supplies storage locker. Also, tidying up the inside.
  • Boatyard Work – Having a meeting with the boatyard to schedule our haul-out and describe the kind of work we need to have done. We have also been identifying resources for repair/maintenance work.
  • Maintenance – Topped off hydraulic fluid in steering, replaced missing screw on electrical panel, air in the dinghy, run engines and other infrequent systems, put a new motor lock on the dinghy, and changed lightbulb in chart table lamp.

We have also been making plans for our New Zealand travel. We are going to fly down to Christchurch, stay in a hotel for a couple of days, then stay with our friends Mark and Dana at their apartment. We will be looking for a vehicle – car or camper van – to purchase down there. Then we’ll start traveling around the south island. By mid-March we will start making our way north and then see some sights on the north island as we make our way back to Whangarei. Our haul-out will be in April. We’ll plan on leaving back to the South Pacific in May after our boat work is complete.

We will be spending the next couple of days doing laundry and packing up for 2.5 months away. Lots of work before we can go have some fun!

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