Back from Backpacking

No posts the last few days because I was on a backpacking trip with Mark (of s/v Northfork – a sailboat we have traveled with from time to time). I’ll be writing a post shortly, which tells about the backpacking trip, and post some photos and our GPS track. It was quite a challenging hike for me (it being the first real hike in 2 years, and not an easy hike).

Karen stayed in Christchurch and spent time with Mark’s wife Dana. Apparently they went crazy shopping at fabric stores (both of them are into sewing), and spent time watching “chick flicks”. Mark and I are glad they got to spend time doing things they enjoy.

In a few days we will probably start doing some more road and camping trips in the southernmost parts of New Zealand (before it gets too cold – we are in the last part of summer here now).

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