Pirates and Trip Preparations

Probably most of you have heard the news about the four Americans hi-jacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean last Friday. Our hopes and prayers are with the crew of s/v Quest and that they will be released safely and get their boat back as well. We are watching the situation closely. This is certainly more evidence of concern about traveling in those waters. Something we will have to worry about when we decide how we pass through those longitudes in about two years from now.

Yesterday I spent time calling a mechanic, rigger, and sailmaker to set up their time for April when we do the haul-out for Tahina at the boatyard. We have projects like: engine maintenance, fiberglass work, bottom painting, new halyards and sheets, rigging inspection/tuning, watermaker maintenance, other appliance maintenance, and a slew of little projects as well.

Karen worked on paperwork to get our extension for our visa here in New Zealand. We have to send our passports to Auckland for a few weeks and submit new passport photos (more current) as part of the process.

Karen and I have been planning on our next phase of sightseeing for the southern island of New Zealand. We’ll be headed down towards Queensland, Doubtful Sound, Stewart Island, Fox and Frans Josef Glaciers, and then back to Queensland with stops in between. We’ll be traveling for over 2 weeks before making our way back to Christchurch for a break before heading to the northern parts of the south island, and then taking the ferry back to the north island. We need to be back to Whangarei by early April for the boat haulout and boat work.

We’re looking forward to the big sights we’ll be seeing on this next stage of our venture. Expect to see some amazing pictures!

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2 Responses to Pirates and Trip Preparations

  1. llamajourney says:

    Are you okay? Anyone hurt in the earthquake?

  2. llamajourney says:

    Frank has emailed that both he and Karen are okay and they are leaveing Christchurch.

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