Thinking of Christchurch

Although we left Christchurch within a few hours after the quake, the experience – and our thoughts for the people who have been so seriously effected – are constantly in our minds. We have heard from several people we know who have been effected. Thankfully all of them are safe, but many of them have lost priceless possessions and/or their lives and work have been disrupted. Our hearts particularly go out to those in Christchurch who have lost loved ones due to the quake. We have been watching the news (which is available almost 24 hours a day on local channels), documenting the rescue and recovery efforts. And, the numbers keep going up. Both good and bad.

We have had plans for years to visit many places in the south island of New Zealand. With our limited time, we can’t delay if we are going to see these places. So, we have to continue our sightseeing. We have had some thrilling experiences (a bungy jump, a jet boat ride, hikes around Mt. Cook, a visit to the shore of a iceberg filled lake, and more). The beauty of this country is everything we expected it to be. We just arrived in Queenstown yesterday, and are amazed at the beauty of this town on a huge bright blue lake surrounded by beautiful mountains.

But, Karen and I are both finding it hard to fully enjoy the sightseeing experiences knowing what has happened in Christchurch. We are trying to put it behind us, but Christchurch – and its people – are in our hearts and prayers. You’ll see photos of our sightseeing, and thrilling experiences, on this blog in the coming days. We are enjoying these experiences to the best of our ability. But, we won’t stop thinking of Christchurch.

If you would like to make a donation like us to help the people of Christchurch we were recommended by our friends Norm and Coleen, who have lived there all their life, to donate here:

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  1. nanag says:

    Thank you…I wanted you to write something like this. We in the states have heard how awful things are in Christchurch, and we are so blessed and happy that you and Karen are safe. We love you both very much.

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