Frank Goes Bungy Jumping

When we came down the Kawarau Gorge a few days ago, we passed the original location where modern bungy jumping was started. The Kawarau bridge crosses over the gorge and river and is a beautiful scenic location. AJ Hackett is the name of the company which was started, as well as one of the co-founders, in the 1980s which spawned this popular thrill. They have many bungy jump locations including Kawarau Bridge.

A few days ago, as a planned birthday present from Karen, I got to do a bungy jump at Kawarau bridge. Karen is not able to do such a sport due to a condition in her neck. But, I love most height-related activities. We watched a few other jumps and confirmed it looked safe, and fun. Karen got ready to capture the jump on video and with a camera. But, we decided to buy the carefully placed professional camera shots by the company. I bought a ticket, and it turned out no one was waiting. I was soon having a harness and leg clamp system attached to the bungy, and then asked to work my way over the edge with my toes over. It all happened so quick! They said smile for the camera, counted to three and said jump! I had no time to think and soon was plunging towards the river!

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After I started to bounce up I finally screamed “YEEHAWW”. I even managed to half-turn my body and wave at Karen on the bounce up. What a thrill! The hardest part was walking up the steps back to the top where I gave Karen a big hug.

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