360 Panorama of Otira Viaduct Bridge

During our visit in the south island, photo opportunities were everywhere. Although we took 2000 photos or more, I only managed to pull out the 360 panorama gear a few times. I feel a little guilty about it, but New Zealand does already have many 360 photos. If you turn on the “Gallery->360 Cities” layer in Google Earth, you’ll see there are plenty. When we stopped at Dead Man’s Curve – the old road that used to get you through the treacherous canyon below Arthur’s Pass – there was an overlook. From there you have a stupendous view of the Otira Viaduct and bridge. This is just a km or so below the top of Arthur’s Pass in the southern island of New Zealand. If you look around at the 360 panorama below, you can see a sign on the rail which encourages you not to feed the Kea. You can read an amusing story about why this is important – which we found out just moments before this picture was taken. Make sure you hit the “Play” button and use the mouse or arrow keys to move around in the picture. Also, make sure to select the “FULLSCREEN” option for better viewing. After going to full screen, look for the “Open Map” tab on the left for a cool aid to seeing where this was taken.

Otira Viaduct at Arthur’s Pass in New Zealand

If you are interested in learning more about how I manage to photograph these 360 panoramas, read this post.

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  1. Marek says:

    Hi Folks,

    Greetings and the Gulf of Mexico. Great updates and remarkable journey – Congratulations! Keep us posted!

    This is kind of a trivial question, but I was told by the tech support person from Raymarine that you managed to interface the E80 with a Mac. If you could share more details that would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and bon voyage.

    Marek (Blue Heaven near New Orleans – Beneteau 44cc)

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