360 Panoramas from Aitutaki

Apparently, I missed sharing some 360 panoramas taken while we were visiting Aitutaki last August. Aitutaki is one of the most beautiful islands we visited in the South Pacific. It also has the trickiest pass and anchorage of any we visited. We managed to enter and anchor there fine for the first several days. But, we had a bit of problem during a nasty squally that came through one night.

We explored the island thoroughly on rented motor scooters. One find sunny morning I went to the highest hills of the island (only 200m or so) and took some 360 panoramas. The first one was taking in some rolling hills covered by grass. You can see bits of the beautiful lagoon surrounding Aitutaki. Make sure you use the mouse or arrow keys to move around and up/down to see the full 360 views:

Aitutaki Hills in Polynesia

The second one was taken on the top of the highest hill. The “road” to the top was so steep the motor scooter couldn’t make it. So, I had to walk up. There are some antennas and a little generator building up there. Also, the “Boys Brigade” placed a concrete marker in 1972-73 which you can read in the photo if you look down in the right direction. Use the mouse or cursor keys to move around and see the views.

Peak of Aitutaki in Polynesia

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