Boatyard Progress with Easter Coming

A lot of progress has been made since the last update almost a week ago. I’m going to summarize some of the projects we’ve completed and some of the projects left. We have been here 12 days already and probably have another 10 left at least. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that on Easter weekend they take both Friday and Monday off at the boatyard. So, we lose two workdays in the next week. We are praying that we’ll finish projects before the end of next week anyway, and be able to splash end of next week, but its too early to tell. We’re just trying to remain optimistic. It’s not fun living on the hard – you have to get off the boat (down a ladder) to go to the bathroom, take showers, etc. You can’t barbecue. You have all kinds of noise, bad smells, and nasty dust flying. It’s just not fun.

So, here are some of the projects we have completed or have in progress:

  • Jib sail – we took down our jib sail early on and sent it to the sailmaker. The threads on the sunbrella UV protection cover had eroded, and so they were re-sewn. We picked it up late last week and put it on this weekend.
  • Carpeting – we are in the process of re-carpeting our salon/living area. We purchased carpet remnants inexpensively at a nearby carpet warehouse, and have been cutting it to fit the odd shapes of our flooring. We will be hiring someone to overlock the edges so it doesn’t fray.
  • Engines – I’ve chosen to hire an engine specialist to perform the maintenance on the engines. This has the dual benefit of keeping me more open to do other projects, but also gets a more professional eye on the status of the engines and teaches me tricks on performing the work. He has completed maintenance on both main engines, the saildrives, and maintenance on the props. He is most of the way done on the generator which needed extra attention. We had been having issues with impellers failing, and he thinks he has solved the issue.
  • Fiberglass repairs – We had a few nicks, scratches, and cracks that needed gel coat repair. Normal wear and tear. Then we had the big project of repairing the cracked “ribs” under the bridge deck that are designed to break waves – as previously mentioned. They began grinding the gel on each side of the two ribs late last week, and this week they are putting on layers of new glass to strengthen them. They will be much stronger when the work is done. The builder we bought the boat from is covering the costs for this work. Unfortunately, the yard only has one worker who specializes in the work, so we’re hoping he can complete it by next week.
  • Bottoms – We chose to do a big job on the bottoms to strip them down and put an epoxy coating to better protect the hulls. Then they will put on primer layers and then finally new anti-fouling. They are just about done with the final sanding now – so we have white bottoms. We are also raising the waterline in the aft areas of the hulls (like many other boats here). The bottoms will be better protected than when they were new after this.
  • Rigging – I have hired a rigging expert to give a thorough inspection and tuning of all the rigging. He is coming today. He will also help install some new lines and a halyard, replace some shackles, splice some of the lines, and re-seat our anchor light that has a loose base screw at the top of the mast.
  • Watermaker – had a leaking connector which I re-seated. Still working on that. Also cleaned up all the parts and polished the stainless tubes. Discovered a ground wire brad was corroded and it broke when I touched it. Replaced with a new wire (which involved moving the entire unit a couple of inches over so I could detach/reattach the wire on one end).
  • Sewing Projects – Karen has been doing a number of sewing projects. She got new curtain rods and has put up curtains on both the main door and window in the salon. She also has made mosquito nets for both windows (we will be going to Vanuatu in a few months which has reports of malaria). Karen has also been working on repairing the helm seat cushion, and has ordered materials for new sunshades for the main cockpit. She also needs to repair the zipper at the aft end of the sailcover.
  • Hatches – we have a couple of hatches which have started leaking. We’re going to re-seat the hatches.
  • Cleaning – We are constantly cleaning and polishing areas of the boat as we go along. Bilges, thruhulls, stainless steel all over the boat, etc. We also will have to clean the whole top of the boat and begin waxing the top-sides. We’ve hired the boatyard to wax the hulls (which won’t get done until the bottoms have been painted).
  • Miscellaneous – There are many other little projects like: installing 12V fans, replacing a couple of pumps, cleaning and treating the dinghy, fixing the broken SSB wire, maintenance on the dinghy engine, replace lazy jack lines that are aging, fix guages for black tank, and many, many other little projects too small to mention.

The good news is that when we are all done, and after we get over the shock of paying the bills we’re going to get, Tahina will be in great shape, looking pretty, and ready for new adventures!

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  1. Steve says:

    Reading this blog is all deja vu. Good luck with the work – our fingers and toes remain crossed for your splash/launch next week.

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