Easter Weekend at the Boatyard

We endured another 4 days living on Tahina in the boatyard. The good news is that there was a lot less noise, bad smells (fiberglass, antifouling paint, varnish, etc.), and the rainy weather forecasted didn’t really hit until Monday. The bad news is that we were still in the yard, that we still have to walk a 100m to the nearest bathroom (at night we use a bucket), we still had to work on the boat to keep making progress, other boaters were also doing work (so there still was noise and some smells), and we weren’t getting as much done because the yard workers were off on Friday and Monday. To make matters worse, there is a lot of rain in the forecast this week, and our biggest remaining job is painting the bottom. Delays due to rain will likely result in our not getting back in the water by Friday. To offset that bad news, there won’t be a good weather window to sail to Fiji with all this bad weather anyway.

For Easter, we spent some time on Skype calling family. It was especially nice that one of my sisters was visiting my Mom and we were able to do a little video chatting. We also went out one night on the weekend and went to the movie theater. It was nice watching a current movie on the big screen.

In retrospect, we accomplished quite a lot over the weekend. Here are the highlights:

Miscellaneous – We did a variety of smaller projects over the weekend. Ongoing cleaning such as: shining stainless, cleaning bilges and thruhulls, cleaning the dinghy tops, etc. Did maintenance on the dinghy outboard. Bought spares for light bulbs, dinghy oil, turpentine, and some food provisions. Put UV protection on the dinghy tops after cleaning was done.

Spray Dodger – One of the spray dodgers had some UV damage to threads. Karen pulled out our Sailrite sewing machine and fixed it. Then we re-installed it.

Sail cover – we need to fix some broken stitching, and a problem with the zipper at the aft end. So, on Saturday we had to take off the main sail cover. To do this, we had to remove the reef lines, take off the outhaul connection, raise the mainsail, lower the lazy jacks, untie all the lazy jack lines, slide the cover out from under the partially raise sail and off the boom, lower the mainsail onto the boom (quite a pain without the jacks), and then tie the sail onto the boom. In addition to sail ties, we wrapped the entire sail tightly with the third reef because of strong winds forecasted. Karen wasn’t able to work on the sail on Sunday because she wasn’t feeling well, and Monday it rained. We’re probably going to take the cover to the sailmaker to get it fixed. We don’t want the mainsail exposed to the elements for too many days.

Lazy Jack Lines – These are the lines that hold up the sailcover and provide a guide for the mainsail to fall into the cover nicely. After 3 years in the sun and sailing the lines are showing UV damage and wear. This weekend I finished replacing all of the lines but one (I was just a tad short in the new line I bought). The won’t be completely re-installed until the sail cover gets fixed.

Carpet – Since it rained on Monday, I saved the carpet project for that day. We spent most of the day Monday working on the carpet. We bought some outdoor patio carpet as “carpet padding” because it has that rubbery non-slick underside. Our salon floors are very slippery, so this way the carpet will be more stable. We are carpeting the main salon area, under the table, and the nav station area. The entire area is very curvy in shape, so it took a lot of work to cut both the “padding” and the carpet to fit. In fact, we still have two more pieces of carpet left before we are done. We will be hiring a local lady who will overlock the edges for us so the carpet won’t fray.

We have plenty of other work left for the rest of the week, but we’ve reached a turning point. Our TODO list is now shorter than our DONE list! And, of the things left, only a few are essential to be done before we go back in the water. In fact, some of them can wait for a day in some exotic location. Like Fiji!

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2 Responses to Easter Weekend at the Boatyard

  1. FSTIII (Dad) says:

    Finally caught up on your log items. You two have really be “laboring,” and boat ownership is certainly not what most of us “lubbers” think it to be. Of course, I don’t consider myself a true lubber, just one who has forgotten a lot over the years. It’s good to know that you’re being so thorough and that fine work is being accomplished. I know you’ll be ready to get underway and on to Fiji. Sailing is never really easy, but it will be a respite from the yards. Our love to you both. You sound well, if tired.


  2. Frank Taylor says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement Dad. We were ready to be under way two weeks ago. Today we found out we won’t be going back in until the end of next week – not only due to the weather, but also a backlog on the number of boats wanting to haul in and out. But, we’ll just get that much more done on the boat before we get back on the water.

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