Good Progress at the Boatyard

We had a really productive day at the boatyard yesterday. The weather was beautiful and lots of progress was made on Tahina. The bottom paint is almost prepped for painting, several minor fiberglass repairs have been completed, we had professional caulking done around the bottom of the bimini arches (I’ve never been able to do a good job with it, but I’ve learned some techniques from these guys that will help), Karen got some curtain rods for the new curtains she made/bought, we made some supply runs to the hardware store and chandlery, and I completed several other minor tasks on the boat. Tomorrow they start on the longest project which is the underside fiberglass work. We hope they’ll have everything done by end of next week, or early the following week. But, it will partially depend on the weather. The weather the rest of this week looks good, and the only rain so far is forecasted on the weekend – which is good, because the yard doesn’t work the weekends!

At the end of the day, we put all the tools and supplies away and cleaned up a bit. Then finished with much needed showers. It felt good to have the boat (and us) clean, but the real reason is that we had invited Steve and Helen from s/v Dignity over for wine and cheese. It was a good way to finish off a hard day of work!

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