Our Tracks in South New Zealand

I’ve been working in my spare time to create a map of all our travels in the South Island of New Zealand. I’ve now completed pretty much all the roads we traveled. And have started putting some of the placemarks. We had already posted completed maps for portions of the trip such as our Hanmer Springs-Arthur’s Pass trip, Akaroa Trip, my backpacking trip, and the Doubtful Sound tour.

This new map has too much data to put into Google Maps, so you have to load this link to view it in Google Earth. As you can see from the screenshots below, we did a pretty thorough job of driving in the 6-8 weeks of travel down there. We flew down to Christchurch first, and bought a car there, so we ended up missing a bit of the northeastern area. And, we unfortunately ran out of time and never made it to the southeast part and missed Dunedin. Which we plan to get to Dunedin on a future trip here.

GE map of our road travels on the south island of New Zealand

If you zoom in to the roads in Google Earth, you’ll find we covered some pretty curvy roads. The turns are even more curvy than they look, and sometimes they are one lane around a bend! I will be adding more placemarks as time permits. So, check back later for for an improved version of the map.

GE map of our road travels on the south island of New Zealand

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2 Responses to Our Tracks in South New Zealand

  1. Tarmo says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for your blog!

    What gps tracker would you recommend with good sensitivity and with good battery life?


    • Frank Taylor says:

      @Tarmo, I use an older Garmin 60Cx. There’s a newer model out called the Garmin 62 – you can read a review by an avid user of GPS just posted this week here: http://freegeographytools.com/2011/still-looking-for-a-good-fieldwork-handheld-gps-a-review-of-the-garmin-62s-part-i (three parts, the other two parts are up there as well). He also has been a big fan of the 60C series and does a detailed comparison between the older and newer models, as well as other models. The nice thing about the 60C and newer models is that they can plug into a USB port for power. I keep mine plugged in all the time during passages to record our tracks. But, they also have good battery life (20-30 hours typically on one pair of AAs). There’s a lot of other choices out there though.

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