Tahina Going Out for a Sail

We spent all week working on boat projects. Mostly preparing for our haul-out end of next week. First, we needed to get Tahina ready for moving. Since she had been sitting for the past 5 months in the marina, she needed some attention.

On Tuesday we spent most of the day cleaning the inside. We had some friends coming to visit for dinner and wanted her to look nice and clean. So, we did a thorough job. The dinner and visit went off quite well, and Tahina is looking great on the inside!

On Wednesday, I had to jump into the river here and check our propellers for marine growth. We had heard several other boats who sat here during the summer had trouble if they didn’t clean their props first. I was already ready with the scuba gear when I dove to check. Sure enough, we had some. The water was VERY murky and cleaning only made it worse. The props were actually not terrible, but definitely had enough growth to cause imbalance and thrust issues. The sail drives and rudders had a huge amount of growth on them. I didn’t take time to try and clear the entire hulls, but got some of the worse spots in those areas.

On Thursday we had the sailmaker come and inspect our main and jib sails. He said they are in very good condition. We have a couple of minor chafing issues on the main we can take care of ourselves. The sunbrella on the jib has threads going from UV exposure. So, we’ll have to take down the sail and have him re-thread. That’s normal wear and tear. We have a rigging guy coming next week to do a thorough inspection and tuning of the rig. And, he will help with choosing new lines we intend to get to replace some lines that are reaching the end of their life.

On Friday we moved Tahina to the courtesy dock to add shore water to our port tank. We can’t use that water for our starboard tank because it can only have watermaker water (no chlorine or other treatments). So, today we are going to take Tahina out to sea for a few hours and use the watermaker to make water for the starboard tank (the river is too high in particulates and not salty enough). And, hopefully we’ll get to do a bit of sailing while we’re out! I’m really excited to go sailing for the first time in 5 months.

We took care of many other minor tasks during the week as well. Karen got a prescription renewed, we did grocery shopping, worked on several small repair projects, considered working on the boat projects list, etc. We also are hoping the second fiberglass problem I mentioned the other day, with the bow/crossbeam, will turn out to be a minor issue. It could be the cracks I found are only at the surface. When we get to the boatyard we will do a further inspection to determine the severity. Our boat manufacturer, St. Francis, has been responsive and will be helping with the underside issue, and is also interested in the results of the inspection on the bow.

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