Almost Ready!

Yesterday we not only had good weather, but also nearly completed our preparation tasks. We sold our car yesterday! The car sold to Dan and Amy of s/v Division II. Their boat is the one that beat us in the Vava’u race, and Dan is the guy who spent two+ weeks under our boat doing the fiberglass work at the boatyard. Great folks, and we’re glad they are getting the car. We also did our near final provisioning runs. We still have to get perishable items (fruits, fridge stuff).

Last night, we did something rather normal – we went to see a movie! We figured this was our last chance to see a movie in a movie theater for quite some time. We saw “Thor 3D”, which was actually pretty good. Thor was definitely one of my comic book favorites when I was a kid.

After our last quick provision run this morning, we’ll be checking out of the marina one last time and heading down river. We’ll be clearing out at Marsden Cove so we’ll spend the night there tonight and clear out on Saturday morning – after our crew member, Matt, joins us. (Remember: New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of East Coast USA) Then we’ll be sailing for Fiji! Note: I’ve updated the map to reflect our plans to go straight for Fiji now.

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