Day 2 Report

Day 2, as expected, was not as fun a day. We knew there would be some NW wind and mixed seas. And, the weather delivered it. We made good speed, averaging close to 8 kts most of the day. But, we were holding Tahina back in order to prevent the motion from getting worse. All of us had a bit of seasickness by the end of the day.

Fortunately, the winds finally clocked around during the night. The ride was much better, and everyone held their watches. It’s just before dawn now and we’re making 9-10 knots, even with double reefs in the sails, and we’re on a broad reach. That means the ride is much smoother.

Last night I filed our advanced notice of arrival to Fiji saying we would arrive Friday. We can change that if the weather alters our speed. Who knows, maybe we’ll get there on Thursday!

Position report is on the map.

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5 Responses to Day 2 Report

  1. Rich & Julie Crum says:

    Hi Matt, Frank and Karen. Great to keep in touch with progress. I hope you are working that crew member hard. Sounds like progress is good. Certainly windy here in Whangarei this morning.
    Safe travels.
    Rich and Julie.

  2. Shonagh Crum says:

    Good morning Matt, Karen and Frank. It sounds like the weather has been a bit rough along the way for you….I am enjoying reading your blog each day Frank. Hope the swell has settled down and you are happily sailing along. I’m busy working at the office today. It’s Jaydens 16th Birthday today!!! Love to Matt,
    Love Shonagh

  3. Sounds like you are doing very well. We have had a few boats returning allready for repairs. A large group are aiming to go tomorrow, Wednesday.
    see you next time around.

  4. Karen and David Wynne says:

    Ahoy there Matt, Karen and Frank – great to have the blog to follow as we think of you every day Matt and how your adventure is going. It all looks very exciting, and I think you’ll have to take me with you next time Matt and Shones and Dave can do the plane thing. Happy sailing and stay safe.

    Love from Kaza, David and kids

  5. Ruth says:

    Frank and Karen – you’re speeding along. Thanks for the great updates and hope you’re feeling better. We’ll be right behind you and look forward to catching up with you in Fiji and seeing some of the incredible sea life! the Kamayans

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