Day 4 – Change in Plans

[NOTE: this post didn’t publish for some unknown reason, but here it is now. This was supposed to come out on May 17, 2011 – Day 4 of the trip.]

We had a good day on Tuesday. Caught a nice Mahi Mahi during the sunny morning. It was sunny until the afternoon. We were planning to keep up our speeds and make far enough north to pass in front of an approaching weather system.

All was going well until around 4 AM. A little earlier than that, the winds had clocked and about 16-18 knots. We had reefed the sails earlier due to some rain on the radar that turned out to just be light rain with steady winds. But, now it was slowing us down. So, we decided to shake out our double-reef in the main. When we went to re-deploy the jibsail I noticed a seam in the sail was coming loose. Uh oh! That meant our jibsail is out of commission. We quickly re-furled the jib.

Without the jibsail it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and get ahead of the weather, so we triple-reefed the main and bore off to the southwest and have been moving at 4knots waiting for the weather to pass north of us. After about 12-18 hours, we’ll be able to turn north with a tail wind and have a nice downwind sail into Fiji.

All is well on board, we’ll just make it a few hours later, and have to repair our sail after getting to Fiji.

The Mahi Mahi tasted excellent!

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